Jeremy Gignoux

Violinist, Violist, Fiddler, Composer, Band Leader

The Acoustic Ensemble with Nathan M. Godfrey, Keith Rodger, Wayne P. Garrett, and Jason Valleau.
Photo credit: Caitlind R.C. Brown



Out on July 16th 2020

Jeremy Gignoux: composition, violin, viola, jug
Nathan M. Godfrey: resonator guitar, banjo, banjolin
Wayne Garrett: guitar
Jason Valleau: upright bass, mouth trumpet

Recorded at OCL Studios on Dec 14 2019 (track 6 on Jan 8 2020) by Josh Rob Gwilliam.
Master by Josh Rob Gwilliam.

Artwork by Doro Buch



Jeremy Gignoux is ever oscillating between calling himself a violinist or a fiddler. Playing in between those lines, he has developed an original sound and technique.
Originally from France, he studied classical violin and piano from the age of seven. He composed from an early age and got a few pieces played by various ensembles at his music school. Later on he picked up interest in Irish fiddle music as well as blues and rock ‘n roll, jazz and bluegrass. Particularly found of Jimi Hendrix, he started imitating Jimi’s guitar playing on the violin.
When moving to Canada in 2011, Jeremy got into jazz and old time music
After studying classical and jazz music writing techniques in Montreal he moved back to Calgary where he is now based
Jeremy loves collaborating with dancers, having been part of the house band for two Decidedly Jazz Danceworks productions. In 2017, he was composer and sole musician for Catherine Hayward’s piece in Dancer’s Studio West’s Metamorphosis.
He has also played alongside of many projects including Alex Ginella, Benjamin Longman, Carolina Slim, Liquor Mountain, Godfrey & Tod.
Jeremy’s primary project is the Acoustic Ensemble, which features a Gypsy jazz instrumentation. With the Ensemble, he and his accomplices push the boundaries of the style into modern jazz, free jazz, but also Ragtime and Eastern European traditional musics.




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