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Calgaréal is a collective of musicians from Montréal and Calgary. Coming from different horizons, these artists find a common interest in traditional music and improvisation. Their original show presents their conversations in music; conversations between two cities often pictured as wildly different, conversations between different musical traditions. Playing with elements of traditional music from China, Quebec, and different parts of Europe, they present an assorted original program bouncing between various traditions and experimentation, with brand new compositions and arrangements.

From Calgary we have

FOONYAP (vocal, violin)

Jeremy Gignoux (violin, viola)

Jiajia Li (flutes, dizi)

Robin Tufts (percussion, drums).

Visiting from Montreal are

Aurélien Tomasi (clarinet, saxophones)

Hugo Blouin (double bass)

Mathieu Langlois (guitarra flamenca, saxophones)

Sébastien Leblanc (guitars, caval, tilinca). 

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